Todd Makalinaw

 Todd Makalinaw,  Disc Jockey, Vocalist, Keyboardist,  Master of Ceremonies,  Ordained Minister (Reverend Todd)

Todd has been entertaining in many aspects for many years. Back in the early eighties, he got his start as a vocalist and keyboardist in a wedding band called "Century". He ventured out in clubs with the same band members to rock it up a bit and let loose in a band they called "The Prints". After getting the taste of small clubs, he wanted to go bigger. He joined up with some talented musicians, Pete St. Amant, Jim Pelletier, Tony Moratti, and Chris Cruz to form the band "A Million Pictures.

A Million Pictures teamed up with agent "Ricky Carr" and hit the club circuit hard. They stunned crowds with their unique style, sound, vocals, and stage presence. People still talk about them and are still waiting for a reunion. The band eventually broke up to venture out into different musical avenues. Todd and Pete formed a funkier version with Tom Desaulniers, Ricco Royster, and Don Morse. They were "Something Wild"! The name says it all. 5 vocalists,.....that was cool!

After years in the club circuit, Todd decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle and rigorous schedule. But it did bring him back to weddings,.....this time with years of experience and a new flare. Now DJing, MCing, singing, etc., all in one show with partner Eddie "Hodgie" Badessa. And regularly officiating weddings for couples in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The Niteflies (from left to right): 
Melissa Lorin - Vocals/Percussion, Jim Pelletier - Guitar/Vocals, some strange dog, Todd Makalinaw - Keyboards/Vocals, Marc Zielinski - Drums/Vocals, Bobby Soares - Bass/Vocals, Kevin Hazebrouck - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Todd's interests and accomplishments:
  • hanging and goofing around with wife and kids
  • singing/piano/studio stuff/guitar/ukulele
  • fun with Photoshop
  • skiing
  • writing radio jingles for Mike Butts (92PRO-FM)

  • photo munipulations on featured Paul and Al's CD (94HJY)
  • writing/recording/producing/providing voice overs (with Mike Duffy) for the animated singing buzzards at Mama McGee's restaurant